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Is your child struggling at school or finding reading and learning difficult? Maybe, you as a parent just know that your child is not meeting his/her potential and that there is something holding him/her back, or your child may have dyslexia, APD, language difficulties or be on the autistic spectrum. Smart Processing is here to help. We are committed to helping your child using proven software and therapies that can provide positive life changing effects.


The Fast Forword programmes ensure students develop the cognitive skills essential for English language and reading. These programmes accelerate your child’s learning, enabling your child to learn more effectively and benefit from teaching in school.


Here are some of the benefits students often see after training on Fast ForWord:

Why choose Smart Processing?

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‘My nine year old is so much happier. His literacy and maths have improved, he has extended his circle of friends and he is much more confident. I would highly recommend Mary Kidson and Smart Processing.’